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Spectrum Skylights offers you the best value for money possible on the market for your skylight. We are a family owned business that manufactures only the finest quality skylights at extremely competitive prices.

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Spectrum Skylights


Our skylights will outperform the competitors on a dollar for light basis under almost all circumstances. The simplicity of the systems we use will ensure trouble free light into your room at minimal cost to you. This will allow you to recoup the cost of the skylight very quickly with savings to your electricity account with a pleasant natural light into your problem area.


Our company will provide you with more light for your money ensuring your skylight will be an effective investment for whatever room you decide to use it in. No middle man deal factory direct with family owned and manufactured. This means big savings for you, the customer.


We use only premium quality products available to us when constructing your skylight, while keeping our costs to a minimum ensuring value for money, 10 year guarantee on workmanship and product to give you peace of mind. All our skylights exceed Australian standards so that you will get great long lasting light with the durability that you come to expect from a product that is proudly Australian made.


Spectrum Skylights has a simple policy of honesty and decency. There are no sales tricks or pressure just honest information. This will result in the job being done beyond your expectations.