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Concrete Tile Skylight Systems

Our all acrylic concrete system is a hassle free system that has numerous advantages over conventional skylight systems.


Our tile tops are made from the best quality 3mm thick UV resistant high impact acrylic. They are 33 percent thicker and stronger than most of our competitors. (Others on market only use 2mm thick acrylic). This will ensure a long lasting trouble free light to your house.


Easy to Install

This system allows us to tailor make the top to fit your particular roof tile. More often than not no cutting of tiles is needed for this system. Because it is all acrylic this means that nearly the whole top then becomes a catchment area, ensuring you get maximum light for your skylight.


No Metal componentry so no corrosion

The fact that there is no metal componentry, guarantees that corrosion on your roof will not take place.


Custom made to fit your particular roof profile

Whilst quoting your job we identify which particular tile you have on your house, we then press the acrylic tile out on one of our 26 different tile presses to ensure that the fit is perfect for your roof. Other companies have a generic top that they attempt to fit to all roofs, ours are purpose built for your house ensuring a long trouble free lasting quality product.



Our system fits as a normal tile would therefore ensuring that it will never need to be cleaned from the roof, which is particularly advantageous in areas where high leaf litter occurs form nearby trees.


There is no lead in this system either which is particularly advantageous if collecting rain water for human consumption.



Due to the nature of the system the tile tops can only be distinguished by colour as the shape remains identical to your overall roof. This is particularly advantageous when installing in an area where high visibility of the roof occurs.


Wide Variety of Sizes

Given the tops are tile units increasing the size is simply done by removing more tiles from your roof and adding extra acrylic tops in place of your concrete tiles. We can make either single or double tile units. The single tile will take the place of one roof tile and the double will take the place of two tiles horizontally.