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Trim Deck Skylights

Our Trim Deck tops will deliver maximum light to your dark areas of your house. They are made of 3mm high impact acrylic which is UV resistant ensuring trouble free light.


These Low profile domes are pressed out of the finest quality 3mm high impact acrylic which is designed to fit precisely to a bluescope zincalume steel base which is then fastened with appropriate flashings to your roof.


If your roof is flat or low pitched we will flash right up the ridge so you get trouble free light to your home. We use only the best quality Bluescope steel and colourbond flashings.


Variety of Sizes

Trim Deck tops come in numerous different sizes. The best size for your needs can be recommended when we come for your free quote. These tops can be then married to a myriad of different sized internal fittings so as to best suit your room needs.


We also can make a custom made tops for existing skylights.