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Custom Orb or Corrugated Roofs

Our revolutionary all acrylic custom Orb tops will deliver maximum light to your dark areas of your house. They are made of 3mm high impact acrylic which is UV resistant ensuring trouble free light.


No Metal Componentry

The dome is pressed out of the finest quality 3mm high impact acrylic which is designed to fit precisely to you roof with no metal componentry this ensures no corrosion takes place. The dome is then screwed with galvanized screws so as to provide peace of mind in any weather conditions.



Due to the all acrylic design the top is self-cleaning which is particularly advantageous in areas where high leaf litter occurs from nearby trees.


There is no lead in this system either which is particularly advantageous if collecting rain water for human consumption.



Our custom orb tops are low profile so will not stand out on your roof like other designs, this will ensure that the aesthetics of your house will not be affected adversely.


Variety of Sizes

The all acrylic custom orb tops come in three sizes on the roof they are 400x400, 500x500, and 700x550. These tops can be then married to a myriad of different sized internal fittings so as to best suit the room you need the light in.