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While Spectrum Skylights is known for professional installations and quality products, a large portion of our business is repairs on older existing skylights. We manufacture domed skylights and do repairs on other brands of skylights too. Our aim is to offer you an aesthetically pleasing and effective solution that you can appreciate for years to come. 


Reasons you may need a replacement

Just like anything in your business or home, your skylights will tend to deteriorate over time – although this takes years and years! Other times, a skylight dome can become damaged due to severe weather such as hail, or as the result of vandalism. Some of the things you may come across that need replacement in all of these cases as well as the broken or cracked skylight tops could be broken diffusers, leaks and damaged ducting. 


Not sure if your job requires replacement? We also do repairs


No matter what the reason is for you needing a replacement, the team at Spectrum Skylights has seen it before and know how to effectively and efficiently resolve the issue. We can visit your property to assess the damage before completing the job using only the highest quality products and materials. The result: a skylight that looks brand new and allows you to enjoy your naturally lit room once more. 


Professional services at a low cost

As well as priding ourselves on our premium solutions and excellent customer service, we aim to achieve this while offering the best prices around. The cost of our repairs is quite often a fraction of the cost of the larger publicly listed companies due to our low infrastructure and overhead costs. We will only recommend what needs to be done so that you will save money repairing your skylight. 

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If you would like to organise a time for us to visit your property, or if you simply require more information on our dome replacement services, please get in touch with your nearest office today on (07) 5576 2447 for the Gold Coast or (02) 6677 7100 for Northern Rivers.