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Solar Skylights

A new Shaftless Skylight System that you can install anywhere...

illume Shaftless™ skylight systems are designed to add the ambience of sky-lighting to any area of your home. illume systems work in place of conventional skylights and also in locations where a traditional skylight could not be fitted.


illume is designed to convert the suns energy to light and auto-adjust brightness levels to match external conditions. This creates a harmony in your home between indoor and outdoor lighting. There are multiple illume systems to complement your home and each model is better suited to different locations. These can include hallways, entrances, walk-in robes, bathrooms, laundries, pantries and restrooms. Illume skylights can also suit larger rooms and practically anywhere that requires more light. Eg. Living rooms or the garage.


illume installs easily to both metal deck and tiled roofs without need of a light shaft. Each day the system gradually illuminates as the day begins: In full sunlight the system shines brightly and the system dims accordingly in overcast conditions or cloud cover, providing the familiar lighting behaviour of traditional skylight installations.


Download: Illume Advanced Skylight System PDF